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This is a list of the auctions houses in Japan that this site covers. It covers all of the major auctions and most of the minor ones.

Even more auctions and vehicles will be added soon!

Arai Bayside Stock
Arai Oyama Stock
Arai Sendai Stock
Arai VT Stock
Bay Auc Stock
BCN Stock
CAA Chubu Stock
CAA Gifu Stock
CAA Tohoku Stock
CAA Tokyo Stock
HAA Kobe Stock
HAA Kobe Stock (2)
HAA Osaka Stock
Hero Stock
Honda Hokkaido
Honda Hokkaido 2
Honda Kansai
Honda Kansai 2
Honda Kyushu
Honda Kyushu 2
Honda Nagoya
Honda Nagoya 2
Honda Sendai
Honda Tokyo
Honda Tokyo 2
IAA Stock
JAA presale Stock
JAA Stock
JU Aichi Stock
JU Chiba Stock
JU Fukuoka Stock
JU Fukushima Stock
JU Gifu Stock
JU Gunma Stock
JU Hiroshima Stock
JU Ibaraki Stock
JU Ishikawa Stock
JU Kanagawa Stock
JU Kumamoto Stock
JU Mie Stock
JU Miyagi Stock
JU Nagano Stock
JU Nara Stock
JU Niigata Stock
JU Okinawa Stock
JU Saitama Stock
JU Sapporo Stock
JU Shizuoka Stock
JU Tochigi Stock
JU Tokyo
JU Tokyo Stock
JU Toyama Stock
JU Yamaguchi Stock
JU Yamanashi Stock
KAA Kyoto Stock
KCAA Fukuoka Stock
KCAA Minami Kyushu Stock
KCAA Yamaguchi Stock
LAA Kansai Stock
LAA Okayama Stock
LAA Shikoku Stock
LAP Stock
NAA Nagoya Stock
NAA Osaka Stock
NAA Tokyo Stock
Nissan Osaka
One Price Stock
TAA Chubu Stock
TAA Hiroshima Stock
TAA Hokkaido stock
TAA Kanto Stock
TAA Kinki Stock
TAA Kyushu Stock
TAA Minami Kyushu Stock
TAA Shikoku Stock
TAA Tohoku Stock
TAA Yokohama Stock
ZIP Osaka Stock
AEP Tender
Arai Kenki
Arai Sendai
CAA Gifu
CAA Tohoku
CAA Tokyo
JU Aomori
JU Fukui
JU Mie
JU Nagano
JU Saitama
JU Shizuoka
JU Yamaguchi
LUM Fukuoka Tender
LUM Nagoya Tender
NAA Fukuoka
NPS Fukuoka Tender
NPS Gifu Tender
NPS Osaka Tender
NPS Sendai Tender
NPS Tochigi Tender
NPS Tokyo Tender
NPS Tomakomai Tender
ORIX Fukuoka Tender
ORIX Kobe Tender
ORIX Sendai Tender
SAA Sapporo
TAA Hiroshima
TAA Kinki
TAA Kyushu
TAA Minami Kyushu
TAA Shikoku
USS Yokohama
USSR Aichi-Nagoya
Bay Auc
CAA Chubu
Isuzu Tokyo
JU Akita
JU Ibaraki
JU Ishikawa
JU Kumamoto
JU Oita
KAA Kyoto
KCAA Minami Kyushu
LAA Shikoku
LUM Tokyo Tender
MIRIVE Saitama
ORIX Atsugi Tender
USS Fukuoka
USS Kobe
USS Niigata
USS Sapporo
USS Tohoku
Arai Oyama
Isuzu Kyushu
JU Aichi
JU Fukushima
JU Gunma
JU Hiroshima
JU Kanagawa
JU Miyazaki
JU Toyama
KCAA Fukuoka
LUM Hokkaido Tender
LUM Kobe Tender
NAA Nagoya
NAA Osaka
ORIX Nagoya Tender
SAA Hamamatsu
TAA Chubu
TAA Hokkaido
TAA Kanto
TAA Tohoku
USS Tokyo
Zero Chubu Tender
Zero Hiroshima Tender
Zero Osaka Tender
Zero Shonan Tender
Zip Osaka
Arai Bayside
HINO Hansya Tender
HINO Hidaka Tender
HINO Kobe Tender
Isuzu Kobe
JU Chiba
JU Fukuoka
JU Miyagi
JU Niigata
JU Okayama LAA
JU Okinawa
JU Sapporo
JU Tochigi
KCAA Yamaguchi
NAA Tokyo
USS Nagoya
USS Osaka
USS Saitama
Zero Chiba Tender
Zero Hakata Tender
Zero Hokkaido Tender
Zero Ibaraki Tender
Zero Kagoshima Tender
Zero Kumamoto Tender
Zero Morioka Tender
Zero Niigata Tender
Zero Sendia Tender
Arai VT
HAA Kobe
JU Gifu
JU Nara
JU Yamagata
JU Yamanashi
NAA Nagoya Tender
NAA Osaka Tender
TAA Hyogo
TAA Yokohama
USS Gunma
USS Hokuriku
USS Kyushu
USS Okayama
USS Shizuoka
Zip Tokyo

This website is only a limited demonstration of how you can sell cars directly from Japan's used car auctions.

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