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You can display thousands of vehicles every day on your website!

And all other major auctions!

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Sell directly from Japan's car auctions with your own website.


Car Exporters and Importers, get this website technology!  Save your time. Save your customer's time. Improve your productivity and create more sales with the following features and many more. 

We do not sell cars!   We sell website solutions!  This website is a demonstration of our software and services for car exporters and importers. 

  • Auction Vehicles.  Display the auction vehicles from all of the major Japanese auction houses DIRECTLY TO YOUR CUSTOMERS as your own virtual stock. Your customers never have to know where the cars come from. You have complete control over what information your customers may see.
  • Dealer Stock.  Display your personal stock on the same website as the auction vehicles and use powerful management features for both.
  • Bidding System.  Give each of your customers their own personal and secure ID and password to your site.  With this, they can place bids directly on vehicles.  You can then bid on their behalf at the auctions, adding your handling, shipping, and other fees.
  • Custom Design.  Use your own company's website address, name, logo, style, and email. Use your existing URL or get a new one from us for free. Use your existing pictures and text, or let us give you a fresh new content and design.
  • Reliability. Your site will run on professionally managed, powerful, secure, and high-speed web servers, located in the United States with redundant internet and power connections.

  • Much Much More!  List of Proxy Bids.  Auction Results.  Control Auction Data.  Powerful and Easy Searches  Reuse Past Searches  Useful Search Results.  Favorites Lists.  Market Research.  Local Price.  Message System.  Preview Images.  View Customer Activity.  On Site Recommendations.  E-mail Vehicles to Customers.  Bulk E-mail.  Automated Signup Forms.  Customer Database.  Control Privileges.  Preview Accounts.  Stock Management.  Unlimited Photos and Descriptions.  Content Management System.  Multilingual.  Company Logo on All Vehicle Photos.  Region Customization.  Regionalize Pricing.  Front Page Specials.  Exchange Rates.  Online Contact Form.  Spreadsheets.  Free Advice and Tips.  And that is not all !  Read the complete details.

For sales or any other questions, please contact us.

This is a sample website with live real-time data. It demonstrates only a partial set of features. Contact us to try a complete demonstration.

In addition to our powerful IT Technology, we can offer a complete range of outsourced services. With Nihon Cars as your strategic partner, you will be able to expand and improve your company's capabilities very rapidly, while maintaining a low cost structure. We will form these advanced relationships with only one or two forward-thinking clients, so please do not hesitate to contact us


This website is only a limited demonstration of how you can sell cars directly from Japan's used car auctions.

New to importing?   Learn how to import used Japanese vehicles.
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